Corporate culture

Right from its inception, VAG has understood the importance of corporate culture in the construction and development companies. VAG culture is built based on human, with built-oriented staff, professional staff, creative; harmonious combination of knowledge, experience and solidarity aimed at enhancing the quality of life of each company employees both physically and mentally.

VAG understand the human being is the most precious resource. Therefore, VAG action for joy, the happiness of the people; always create the best conditions for every individual in the company to learn and develop their own capabilities.

VAG members bring to a professional work environment, modern and friendly. At that the efforts of each individual are always recorded and evaluated promptly.

VAG always create conditions for individuals to work in teams and working with highly coordinated. Achievements of a team, a department or a collective is the result of each individual. The contribution and cooperation of each member is the element that constitutes the strength of the VAG.